Katzenjammer live at GIEL at 3FM

On 20-1-2015 Katzenjammer was a guest with the morning show GIEL on the Dutch radio station 3FM. Enjoy the videos!

Katzenjammer covering “Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift), what is of course much better and different than the original!

Katzenjammer playing Lady Grey live.

Interview with Anne Marit, Marianne and Solveig about the new album and the girls singing a Dutch song.

Bonustrack: Katzenjammer playing Old de Spain

Incredible Katzenjammer

Sandefjord, December 8th, 2012:
Katzenjammers took Hjertnes and Sandefjord by storm

When Katzenjammer went on stage […] we witnessed a band in peak form who managed to carry the audience in a way we rarely see in Hjertnes. One popular song after another, interspersed with some Christmas music, led us into a festive evening. Towards the end the volume and pace of the songs increased and eventually exploded with some encores. The audience thanked the girls with wild applause and gathered in front of the stage for what could be called an explosion of a finale.

Katzenjammer_Sandefjord 2012original source of text and photo (in Norwegian): konsertkameradene.no

BBC Radio Interview

Sue Marchant from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire caught Katzenjammer on their way onto Lodestar Festival stage last weekend. Listen to the little interview and and Sue’s choice of Katzenjammer tune…’A Bar in Amsterdam’.
Interview+song start around 37’30” (until ca. 42’50”)


NB: The interview will be available online until September 10th, 2012!

Sue Marchant also announced two upcoming Katzenjammer gigs!
If you can, BE THERE!
Katzenjammer in Hyde Park / London – Sunday, September 9th 2012
Katzenjammer in Cambridge / UK – Thursday, October 25th 2012

Interview Without Words…


  1. What do you look like when you’re wailing?
    “jammern”…as in…erm, you get the point… 😉
  2. What should your fans do in front of the stage?
  3. What about you is typically Norwegian?
  4. How do you celebrate “Midsummer Night”?
  5. Have you ever knitted a Norwegian jumper?
  6. What does a moose look like?
  7. How does a moose bell?
  8. What do you look like when you fight?
  9. Please: A kiss before you go…

click the pic to see the video on the wdr2.de website 🙂
screenshots of the hilariousness can be seen on KJN facebook page

source: WDR2, June 25, 2012

Schnitzel, Porn & Strange Sounds

15 (random) questions for Turid, Solveig, Anne Marit & Marianne!

What’s hidden underneath Marianne’s bed?
What’s the easiest way to hit on Turid?
What’s that noise again, Anne Marit?
What’s with Solveig and bacteria…?

Let the four Katzenjammers enlighten you with their hilarious answers in the video below 😉

Also: if you missed Katzenjammer’s gig on Southside Festival 2012 – here is a “Best of” livestream of the show as well as some photos!

original source: DasDing.de, June 23, 2012

Car accidents, transformers and grizzly bears!

Joseph Pollack went to see Katzenjammer at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and hits the nail square on the head with his review:

I thought I’d see a bunch of Norwegians play good music.

What I actually experienced was about ten times as good. Not only the Norwegians, but everyone was so incredibly attractive that I got goosebumps when I got a high five from the drummer. Did I just say the drummer? All the drummers. Everyone plays everything and they swap instruments on every song.  All of them sing and everyone sings in perfect harmony and plays about a thousand instruments.

You know what they say about car accidents? That you don’t want to look, but you do anyway. This would be the kind in which the car turns into a transformer and starts f*cking a grizzly bear. That’s just how good these Norwegian girls are.  Totally f*cking wonderful.  Hultsfred was immediately improved.

Original source (in Swedish): Joseph Pollack for möllan.nu
Translation by Katzenjammer Nation with the kind assistance of Katzenjammer Nation Deutschland

The Girls Are On Fire!

Russian blogger “pernatik-kar” saw Katzenjammer perform during Wild Mint Festival near Moscow on 2 June 2012. She had never heard of them before – here is her impression of the girls:

I’ve been ‘shaman’ing throughout their whole performance, so to an outside eye it might have seemed that I was on proper ‘stuff’, but the revelation of the festival was definitely Katzenjammer! No words can describe the emotions I had during their performance!!! The Girls are ON FIRE! I haven’t come across such unreal energy emanating from artists for quite a while. In fact – I did not know a single song they played, but oh how they managed to set the audience on fire!

I have to attach a couple of videos here (they are from YouTube, however, as my phone recorded a good video with a crap sound)… I have fallen in love with this lady in a wig [Ed.: Marianne, obviously] with all my heart! If I were a man, I would be shouting to her from across the field: ‘I WANT BABIES WITH YOU!!!!’ What a voice! What energy! Sh*t – I’ve got no words – just emotions!!!

Now I’m going to dream about seeing them at a club gig (although if they performed at a club, the audience would probably bring the walls down out of sheer ecstasy )))

Original blog entry >>>here<<< (in Russian)
translation by Katzenjammer Nation