Interview Without Words…


  1. What do you look like when you’re wailing?
    “jammern”…as in…erm, you get the point… 😉
  2. What should your fans do in front of the stage?
  3. What about you is typically Norwegian?
  4. How do you celebrate “Midsummer Night”?
  5. Have you ever knitted a Norwegian jumper?
  6. What does a moose look like?
  7. How does a moose bell?
  8. What do you look like when you fight?
  9. Please: A kiss before you go…

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source: WDR2, June 25, 2012

Schnitzel, Porn & Strange Sounds

15 (random) questions for Turid, Solveig, Anne Marit & Marianne!

What’s hidden underneath Marianne’s bed?
What’s the easiest way to hit on Turid?
What’s that noise again, Anne Marit?
What’s with Solveig and bacteria…?

Let the four Katzenjammers enlighten you with their hilarious answers in the video below 😉

Also: if you missed Katzenjammer’s gig on Southside Festival 2012 – here is a “Best of” livestream of the show as well as some photos!

original source:, June 23, 2012

Car accidents, transformers and grizzly bears!

Joseph Pollack went to see Katzenjammer at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and hits the nail square on the head with his review:

I thought I’d see a bunch of Norwegians play good music.

What I actually experienced was about ten times as good. Not only the Norwegians, but everyone was so incredibly attractive that I got goosebumps when I got a high five from the drummer. Did I just say the drummer? All the drummers. Everyone plays everything and they swap instruments on every song.  All of them sing and everyone sings in perfect harmony and plays about a thousand instruments.

You know what they say about car accidents? That you don’t want to look, but you do anyway. This would be the kind in which the car turns into a transformer and starts f*cking a grizzly bear. That’s just how good these Norwegian girls are.  Totally f*cking wonderful.  Hultsfred was immediately improved.

Original source (in Swedish): Joseph Pollack for mö
Translation by Katzenjammer Nation with the kind assistance of Katzenjammer Nation Deutschland

The Girls Are On Fire!

Russian blogger “pernatik-kar” saw Katzenjammer perform during Wild Mint Festival near Moscow on 2 June 2012. She had never heard of them before – here is her impression of the girls:

I’ve been ‘shaman’ing throughout their whole performance, so to an outside eye it might have seemed that I was on proper ‘stuff’, but the revelation of the festival was definitely Katzenjammer! No words can describe the emotions I had during their performance!!! The Girls are ON FIRE! I haven’t come across such unreal energy emanating from artists for quite a while. In fact – I did not know a single song they played, but oh how they managed to set the audience on fire!

I have to attach a couple of videos here (they are from YouTube, however, as my phone recorded a good video with a crap sound)… I have fallen in love with this lady in a wig [Ed.: Marianne, obviously] with all my heart! If I were a man, I would be shouting to her from across the field: ‘I WANT BABIES WITH YOU!!!!’ What a voice! What energy! Sh*t – I’ve got no words – just emotions!!!

Now I’m going to dream about seeing them at a club gig (although if they performed at a club, the audience would probably bring the walls down out of sheer ecstasy )))

Original blog entry >>>here<<< (in Russian)
translation by Katzenjammer Nation

Folky-Rocky-Picture-Show in Hamburg

The term ‘Katzenjammer’ doesn’t necessarily imply the thought of music worth listening to. In this respect, the band name chosen by the four young ladies from Norway is slightly misleading – at least for Germans. Anne Marit Bergheim, Solveig Heilo, Turid Jørgensen and Marianne Sveen have been creating some sort of folk-rock music with a dash of craziness since 2005. However, it took until the year 2011 for them to become widely know in Germany when their second album A Kiss Before You Go was released.

Today’s review though is not about that album, but a live recording of the band’s appearance at the “Große Freiheit 36” in Hamburg in late November 2011. Katzenjammer performed songs from her latest album as well as some older songs in a colourful and crazy stage show. A highlight of their performing style is certainly that the four ladies take turns in lead vocals and share the stage with a range of different instruments. What struck me, for example, is a legendary performance by Anne Marit, who in one song plays three instruments simultaneously: guitar, harmonica and xylophone.

You’d have to be careful not to get confused, but even if, that couldn’t possibly ruin the atmosphere. Obviously a large fan base has gathered at “Große Freiheit 36” who know almost all the lyrics by heart and sometimes even participate intensively in the stage show by singing along with Katzenjammer. The performance of the four Norwegian women can best be compared with performances by the Dixie Chicks or the legendary Leningrad Cowboys. It’s a crazy amount of instruments, wildly mixed, constantly creating new sonic worlds. The lovely as well as slightly crazy ladies play beautiful and melodic music, in which folk and rock are mixed with shares of jazz, pop, chanson and Balkan tunes. When Katzenjammer play it creates a certain pub atmosphere, but clearly with a less limited range of muscial styles.

If one did not know better, one might think the girls from Katzenjammer had just fallen from the sky in their colorful costumes – crazy and sexy at the same time, and now play a little cheerful music, just because they feel like it. However, all four are professionally trained musicians who received their education at the Nordic Institute for Stage and Studio (NISS) in Oslo, Norway. What appears to be easy on the stage and wonderfully spontaneous is actually pure professionalism. Solveig Heilo alone can play ten different instruments, and there’s no doubt about the vocal qualities of all the ladies in the band.

In a nutshell this live performance of Katzenjammer recorded in Hamburg is a highly recommendable “great-fun-show” by skilled musicians that will totally delight fans of colourful folk-rock music.

Katzenjammer‘s band name is clearly an understatement. Their performance at Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg has little to do with the wailing sounds of fluffy four-legged animals. On the contrary: not only do the four lovely thoroughbred musicians know how to sound good on CD, but also how to set the house on fire through their excellent stage presence – the live album A Kiss Before You Go Live in Hamburg is a proof of that.

Source:, 25 May 2012 (in German)
Translation by: Katzenjammer Nation

No really, you should have been there…

[…] the four young women from Oslo, who perform under the banner of Katzenjammer, are top, top entertainment. […] The most instant pop numbers, such as Rock – Paper – Scissors and I Will Dance see Solveig lead but Anne Marit can conjure up a sea shanty or some wistful folk (the lovely Lady Marlene), Turid can take us on an accordion led Parisian walkway and Marianne can shake a booty to ragtime blues or cause some mayhem in the Balkans. […]
No really, you should have been there…

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