What are your special or funny moments during katzenjammer concerts?

What are your special, awesome, fun, funny moments you experienced during katzenjammer concerts? Share it in our forum and relive those memories!

Sputnikhalle Münster, 07-05-10: Solveig used a Whiskey glass for the song Cherry Pie, but it broke during the song. Check out the video for this hilarious moment!

Want to see more? Check it out here. Feel free to add your own experiences!

Katzenjammer Nation International Meet Up in Den Haag

We invite you to the 2015 Katzenjammer Nation International Meet Up in The Hague, Netherlands on 21st November, 2015!!!

We want to see as many of you guys as possible here from all parts of the globe!

We plan to have dinner together, meet and greet, and leave enough time to queue up for front row positions at a Katzenjammer gig that night!

RSVP on the KJN Forum: http://forum.katzenjammer-nation.no/index.php…

We have also created a FB event (https://www.facebook.com/events/781836791937987/) but for up to date info, please refer to the KJN Forum

See you all there! We to hope to have as many countries as possible represented!

Volunteers wanted to help promote the UK tour!

Hey Ho, UK Katzenjammer fans!
Do you want to spread the word about your favourite band in your town?
We are looking for the volunteers to hang up posters and hand out flyers in Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and London. As a reward for your efforts, you will get good karma and kudos in a form of signed posters and CDs. Click the link to meet other volunteers and to keep posted about further announcements!

Street Team Nottingham
Street Team Glasgow
Street Team Manchester
Street Team London

If you prefer to use Facebook, you can also join our promo group here: Katzenjammer Nation UK Promo Group

List of confirmed gigs in the UK
Promo flyer for the UK tour in May can be downloaded here soon!

Interview with Marianne and Anne Marit

Check out this great interview with Anne Marit and Marianne!
Anne Marit & Marianne about a children’s drumset, dividing roles, not wanting to be static, thinking about nothing, taking time off, Nashville, 83 songs, writing their own songs.

Anne Marit & Marianne about Lady Grey, a bit more seriousness, Oh My God, Rockland, representing everyone on the record, choosing an album title, Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, feeling unique, My Own Time, singing in English.

New Katzenjammer album: Rockland!

artwork rockland
Soon a new Katzenjammer album will be out! You can listen to 90 sec previews on the Katzenjammer Facebook page.

Pre-order Rockland via the links below.

Google Play

Germany, Switzerland, Austria
– Out now!!!
Amazon: CD, Vinyl, Special Limited Edition

Norway – Out now!!!
Platekompaniet: CD, Vinyl
cdon.no: CD, Vinyl

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg – Out now!!
Bol.com (for NL and Belgium): CD, Vinyl
Plato/Concerto: CD, Vinyl
It will also be available at other CD stores like Sounds and Velvet Music

UK – Out now!
Amazon: CD, Vinyl

Other countries

If you know more sites where you can pre-order Rockland, let us know! And if your country is not in the list, shipping costs via Amazon DE are quite good for most countries. Check international shipping costs here.

And of course there will be a Katzenjammer tour! Check tour dates here!

Incredible Katzenjammer

Sandefjord, December 8th, 2012:
Katzenjammers took Hjertnes and Sandefjord by storm

When Katzenjammer went on stage […] we witnessed a band in peak form who managed to carry the audience in a way we rarely see in Hjertnes. One popular song after another, interspersed with some Christmas music, led us into a festive evening. Towards the end the volume and pace of the songs increased and eventually exploded with some encores. The audience thanked the girls with wild applause and gathered in front of the stage for what could be called an explosion of a finale.

Katzenjammer_Sandefjord 2012original source of text and photo (in Norwegian): konsertkameradene.no

OUT NOW – KJN Street Team Shirt

…but only for a limited time!

The Katzenjammer Nation Street Team Shirt in grey, green and red is AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER in KJN Store until December 3rd, 2012. Make sure to grab yours NOW as they will never be reproduced after the presale ends, because KJN Store will be closed down.

Feel free to share / tweet / spread the word about it to anyone who’d be interested in a KJN Street Team Shirt by using the ‘social buttons’ below. Thank You!

More details about the shirt and the presale can be found on KJN Forum.

Katzenjameme for UK tour promo

CALLING the Nation to help promote Katzenjammer‘s UK tourdates!

Feel free to download and print (at your own cost) some of the Katzenjamemes below and spread them in the respective cities / areas of the gigs that are not sold out (yet!) so more people take notice!

How to:
1. Click in the respective picture to get a bigger version.
2. Click right mouse button.
3. Save on your computer.
4. Print out the number of memes you wish.
5. Start spreading the good news of Katzenjammer coming to town! 🙂

You can also spread them digitally by sharing around the net!

How to:
1. Click in the respective picture to get a bigger version.
2. Use the ‘social buttons’ for facebook/twitter/g+ to spread the good news! 🙂



And here are the Katzenjamemes in pdf-format if you wish to download and use them that way. (click right mouse button, save on your PC and off you go!)
Katzenjameme Leeds
Katzenjameme Glasgow
Katzenjameme Birmingham
Katzenjameme London
Katzenjameme Manchester

BBC Radio Interview

Sue Marchant from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire caught Katzenjammer on their way onto Lodestar Festival stage last weekend. Listen to the little interview and and Sue’s choice of Katzenjammer tune…’A Bar in Amsterdam’.
Interview+song start around 37’30” (until ca. 42’50”)


NB: The interview will be available online until September 10th, 2012!

Sue Marchant also announced two upcoming Katzenjammer gigs!
If you can, BE THERE!
Katzenjammer in Hyde Park / London – Sunday, September 9th 2012
Katzenjammer in Cambridge / UK – Thursday, October 25th 2012