The History of KJN in Pictures

From Conception to the Birth of a Nation!
Happy 1st Birthday KJN!!!! 08/02/13

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The Early Fan Meet Ups Leading to the \"Crazy 7\" - The start of Katzenjammer fans\' \"Peppe\'s Tradition\" in Oslo

<div align=\"justify\">Katzenjammer fans started travelling within Europe and from other continents from the very early days!!! (The pics in this album date back to early 2010!) Some meetups lead to luuuurve and others to new beautiful friendships!!! <br/> <br/> Then, the first ever Katzenjammer fan dinners took place at Peppe\'s Pizza in Oslo for the album launch of \"A Kiss Before You Go\" in October, 2011 and again in March, 2012 :) A Katzenjammer fan tradition was thus \"born\"!!!</div>

Feb 7, 2012: The Picture That Started the Campaign Which Evolved into what is now KJN

<div align=\"justify\">Out of a general concern regarding copyright infringement, KATZENJAMMER FAN FORUM (UNOFFICIAL) was started on 8th Feb, 2012. <br/><br/> This aimed to collate concerns amongst Katzenjammer fans regarding copyright, marketing and merchandise together to send to Katzenjammer Management to resolve. Link to original aims is <strong><a href=\"\" title=\"Original Aims\" target=\"_blank\">HERE!!!</a></strong> <br/><br/> For those interested, we have included \"screen shots\" of the discussions on a photo that resulted in the foundation of the initial group \"Katzenjammer Fan Forum\" (Unofficial) which later became KJN. <br/><br/> The aims of the current KATZENJAMMER NATION have evolved into something very different from the original ones!! Link to Current Aims is <strong><a href=\"\" title=\"Current KJN Aims\" target=\"_blank\">HERE!!!</a></strong></div>

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Oct 2011 and Jan 2012: Pat and Dale - the KJN Mascots

<div align=\"justify\">Meet Pat the Penguin and Dale the Globetrotting Chipmunk! :-) <br/> <br/> Dale made his first ever journey to see Katzenjammer from Ireland to Oslo in October 2011, and Pat came aaaall the way from the USA to Ireland in January and travelled to see them in March 2012. He also caught a little bit of Dandylion\'s \"Images Under Construction\" - Part 1 in January 2012!! <br/> <br/> The KJN Mascots FINALLY met eachother in March 2012 at London\'s Scala for Anne Marit\'s Birthday! Now the KJN Mascots travel everywhere to see Katzenjammer together!!! If Katzenjammer are not playing, they travel from fan to fan for adventures! :)</div>

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March 22, 2012: The night Katzenjammer Nation was announced from Scala stage in London

<div align=\"justify\">Katzenjammer Nation met at KATZENJAMMERS pub in London, and made a poor barman record them singing \"Happy Birthday\" outside the pub!! <br/> <br/> Then they rocked out with Katzenjammer and NRK on Primrose Hill and got (henna) tattooed in Camden Market :) <br/> <br/> KJN Admins then met with Katzenjammer Management to finalise details regarding \"Katzenjammmer Nation\" becoming officially recognised. <br/> <br/> And we saw some of the FIRST promo posters by any KJN member promoting Katzenjammer through the streets of London!!! One of the reasons why this particular admin was invited to be part of KJN :D <br/> <br/>KJN then surprised Anne Marit on her birthday on stage by organising the ENTIRE crowd to sing \"Happy Birthday\" to her with banners, and SHE surprised KJN by officially announcing them in public for the first time (see below video)!!! <br/><br/> Basically everyone had one hell of a busy but GREAT time! :)</div>


Anne Marit announcing “Katzenjammer Nation” as an officially recognised Fan Forum to the world on March 22, 2012!!! 🙂

  • Posters: Norwegen
August 2012: KJN Shirts Released

August 2012: To promote Katzenjammer and to connect Katzenjammer Nation members a KJN \"street team\" shirt started to be distributed using the famous Akerø grin on the front and the KJN logo, designed by Thomas Mårlund, on the back. These \"street team\" shirts were voted for by members and approved by Katzenjammer Management in March 2012. <br/><br/> Here is a collection of photos of people from around the world proudly wearing their KJN shirts. <br/><br/> If you wish for us to add YOUR photo wearing your KJN shirt simply send an e-mail to :D <br/><br/> For December 2012, the KJN \"Street Team\" Shirt was re-released in green, grey and red. As the merch side of KJN\'s Aims has been achieved (more merch available in the official Katzenjammer Store), the KJN \"Street Team\" Shirt remains a \"limited edition\" and will never be reproduced.


August 2012: KJN Gathering – “To The Sea”!!!!

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September 2012: KJN gathering at Peppe\'s before the legendary Oslo opera house gig

<div align=\"justify\">Before Katzenjammer rocked the Oslo opera house in September 2012 Katzenjammer Nation met up for dinner and fun at Peppe\'s pizza - the BIGGEST KJN GATHERING TO DATE with 40 people from around the globe getting together to have a good time! <br/><br/> Then, KJN members dolled up in their finest (including the KJN \"Street Team\" Shirt) and made their way to their front row seats at the Opera House - which Katzenjammer Management had kindly reserved for them :)</div>


August 2012: KJN “Street Teams”

In Berlin in August 2012, KJN Admins invited the German “Katzenjammer Fanclub” on board as the FIRST KJN “Street Team”.  From there, we have had several other “Street Team” additions in the UK, Benelux and Hungary – check them out HERE!

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Christmas Gig in Berlin

<div align=\"justify\">A MAGICAL KJN Gathering to see Katzenjammer play under the tree in Berlin!!! What a way to bring home Christmas!! :) (There are still a few more photos to be added - and we will finish watermarking photos tomorrow :)</div>

KJN Member Artwork

<div align=\"justify\">From the early days as \"Katzenjammer Fan Forum (Unofficial) to present, KJN have collected submissions by creative KJN members. <br/> <br/> These are just a few! If you would like for YOUR Katzenjammer inspired art to be featured here, please email KJN Admins on :)</div>


What Has 2013 in Store for Katzenjammer Nation So Far?

From 2013, KJN’s outlook is to focus on the THREE current aims – namely “promotion” using the “Street Teams” as volunteers to post flyers/posters which KJN Admins and “Street Team Admins” design.  Currently this is focused on Dandylion’s solo tour for February/March 2013 – but this effort would be made for ALL the Katzenjammer girls with any future projects.  Volunteers have stuck their hands up in Norway, Denmark, 8 cities in Germany, the Netherlands, and are travelling from all over to do this.  During this KJN endorsed promo campaign, the next aim of “connecting people” is also highly prominent with numerous “meet ups” being discussed on the KJN Forum, and with KJN FB Events being shared around.  KJN Admins will also be focusing on the “creative side” of members with much encouragement for a new bi-monthly digital magazine – to be organised by Stien on the KJN Forum.  The last aim of adhering to copyright infiltrates the workings of all KJN activity.

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